Sunday, January 2, 2011

all of my days.

Another awesome day of 2011.
Today's adventure involved my dear friend Caroline and her wonderful husband Karma coming to visit Sean and I for the afternoon. I don't get to see Caroline very often on account of her living all the way on the "left coast" so our short visits in the past few months have been such a treat.
We all ambled down the walking mall to our favorite thai restaurant for some good eats.
Caroline and Karma after a delicious lunch.
After lunch we made our way over to this new expresso cafe I have only been to once because of it's extremely odd hours.
I am trying very hard to only support local businesses (NO chain restaurants & NO starbucks) and this place makes a great vanilla latte...PLUS
I am an instant fan of this new joint and excited to have it a 5 minute walk from the house.

The love between these two is palpable<3

My love....looking smart and dapper as always.

After delicious coffee, I was extremely excited to show Caroline and Karma my absolute FAVORITE shop in town, the Purple Fern. Its a wonderful handmade store of jewelry,bags, scarves, housewares, etc where I could literally spend a good half a day looking and a good 200 dollars spending. Sean's friend from high school owns it and I am dying to meet her in hopes of her craftiness rubbing off on me.

I was sad to see Karma and Caroline go but I am excited for us to possibly go visit them out in Berkeley sometime soon!

Tonight's cooking adventure is Loaded Potato Soup, a recipe we found in the Food Porn Daily book I got Sean for his birthday.
Its a delicious hearty soup made from russet potatoes, leeks, heavy cream, chicken broth wih sauteed onions and garlic.

Sean is a real man and wears an apron with pride.
Actually he never wears an apron but willingly put one on for my own entertainment.

Me annoying Sean while he cooks...a nightly occurrence!

We topped our soups with peppered bacon, EXTRA SHARP shredded cheddar, scallions, and chives<3

Lastly, here are few of the weenie of weens.
First, Roxy enjoying the space heater in the living room as the house is FREEZING and too expensive to keep heated at 72 the way I'd like.

Andddd Roxy in her favorite lap:

I listened to one of my new favorite songs "all of my days" by alexi murdoch while chopping up all of the ingredients for the soups and felt like it explained everything perfectly.

"Now I see clearly
It's you I'm looking for
All of my days
So I'll smile
I know I'll feel this loneliness no more
All of my days
For I look around me
And it seems you found me
And it's coming into sight
As the days keep turning into night
As the days keep turning into night
And even breathing feels all right
Yes, even breathing feels all right
Now even breathing feels all right
Yes even breathing
Feels all right"

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