Saturday, January 1, 2011


Another year, another beginning.

I had such high hopes of being consistent with my blogging last year but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
Sometimes you set out with the best intentions of doing something (much like many new years resolutions) but if you mentally are not completely committed or (in my case often) doubtful of your abilities or worthiness, you never follow things through to completion.I also can say in the most brutally honest way that looking back on last year that I was confused/unhappy/unfulfilled in a lot of ways and didn't really feel like lying through my teeth on a blog about how happy I was, when in reality I spent a lot of my days feeling so incredibly lost. Thats all in hindsight of course and while I am sad I spent too much of 2010 feeling that way, it taught me so much about never again settling or staying complacent because I was afraid of scary emotions or being left behind. A hard lesson learned but perhaps one of the most valuable ones you can learn.
So here is 2011.
The past few months have been a whirlwind of huge amazing emotions and its all because of this guy:


I never believed in "the one" or "soulmates" or any of that crap...until now.
All I can say is that every day is perfect because I wake up to Sean and every night is amazing because I come home to him where we cook and talk and laugh the night away. I never knew I could feel such immeasurable joy laying in bed reading the classics side by side <3

Overall I managed to do some things I am truly proud of this year. I completed a half marathon (13.1 miles) with my best friend (and a VERY hilly half marathon at that), learned to knit (I've done 3 scarves so far and I am now ready to try my hand at knitting hats), learned to sew (thank you to the lovely stephanie for being so patient with me!), had a WONDERFUL summer garden with flowers and fresh herbs, became a MUCH faster runner thanks to physical therapy, and lost 20+lbs through completely rehauling my diet and amping up my exercise. I can honestly say, give or take a few things...that I am happy with my body. I am still a curvy girl with an ample booty but I am also lean with abs I can actually see and muscles I never knew existed! Its pretty crazy to go to a store and be a size 2 and know that I did it all without disrespecting my body and simply through diet and exercise.

I dont remember what all my resolutions were for the last year but Im pretty sure i outdid any that I set out minus reading a few books that are STILL gathering dust on my nightstand.
This year I would like to...
-stay in shape. keep eating right and working out at least 4 days a week. duh!
-run another half marathon.
-run a sub-26 5k.
-start a vegetable garden in the backyard. Sean and I discuss this excitedly at least once a week as we cook dinner 6 days out of the week.
-cancel the cable/dvr once the superbowl is done with. I NEVER watch tv anymore and Im tired of paying for something I never use.
-stay crafty.
-keep blogging about our adventures.

This is how I spent New Years Eve:

Eating a wonderful home cooked London Broil with Rosemary Aparagus and Mashed Garlic Potatoes with my love.
(Please note the placemats and runner as I actually SEWED them myself!!)
We then watched 6 feet under and wall-e (I fell asleep for some of this as I worked most of the day) and ate ice cream cake.
Quiet and intimate...just the way I like it.

New Years day has been just as laid back and wonderful.
Sean came out to watch me run my first 5k of 2011 this morning. He hasnt seen me run before and it was great to see him waiting by the finish line after a good hard run. It was a pretty hilly course but I managed to do my fastest mile EVER (7:44) and also PR'ed by running 3.15 miles in 26.10 which equals out to a 8:18 pace overall. I'd really like to try and hit a sub-26 5k at some point this year! Sean kindly snapped this picture of me as I hauled ass to the finish.

Tomorrow we take down the tree and let the living room go back to being not quite SO small. I know Roxy will be glad to get back her spot by the heater.
Some snippets of the tree before it heads to its final resting place...the backyard.
The tree on Christmas Eve.



When we brought our tree home, we found this cool little nest buried in one of its branches...we've kept it on our bookshelf where we keep other treasures and odds and ends. A wonderful keepsake of our first holiday together<3

Here's to a new year. Something tells me it will be my best year yet!

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  1. Glad you're back to blogging! I hope it sticks this time around, even if things aren't going well...I never expect you to be happy all the time, after all, you're not a fembot, are you?? =) Love you!!!!